Bundaberg Region Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

Updates & News

  • Project Update #8 August 2020

    Council has completed the draft Strategy and Action Plan which will be released to the public for a 28-day period of community consultation from 3 August 2020 to 31 August 2020.

    Council is seeking feedback from members of the community on the strategy and action plan. Have your say!

    Views from the Community Reference Group meeting held in March 2020 were used to inform options analysis and prepare adaptation pathways to mitigate the impact of coastal hazards in priority settlements along the Bundaberg coastline. These pathways provide options to maintain the current risk profile, modify or transform our coastal settlements in response to sea level rise.

    The options appraisal favours adaptation approaches such as beach nourishment, raising key access routes, disaster management, community education and land use planning. These adaptation options are risk informed and based on sea level rise triggers. This means that some actions only need to be implemented by the time a given sea level trigger is reached.

    Council intends to monitor the sea level rise triggers using the tidal gauge at Rosslyn Bay (near Yeppoon). This gauge is specially prepared and managed to accurately record sea level change as part of the Australian Baseline Sea Level Monitoring Project. This data will be used as the sea level rise evidence for the Bundaberg Region.

    Further information is available in the draft strategy document available for download in the document libary to the right of this page.

    Remember, submissions must be lodged by Monday 31 August.